10% discount & free shipping for Easter 2024


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The egg hunt is over - here are your Easter discounts!

We wish you happy holidays,

because if you're reading this, you're officially invited to take part in our digital egg hunt! No, don't worry, you don't have to sneak around the garden and look under hedges for hidden Easter eggs. We've made it a lot easier, with two beg-egg-starring discount codes that will put a big grin on your face!

Turn on your inner Easter bunny mode, because here they are - our freshly hatched discount codes for Easter 2024:

10% discount: EASTER24

Enter this code at checkout and not only get a generous 10% discount on your purchase, but also get free shipping! Yes, you read that right. Easter only comes once a year, so why not benefit twice?

Free shipping: EiEiEi24

And here is our second egg-splosive discount code! This little treasure grants you additional free shipping on your order.

Whether you're looking for Easter gifts for your loved ones or want to treat yourself, these discount codes are your tickets to a shopping spree that will make your holidays even shinier than a freshly polished Easter egg.

So, grab your basket (or in this case, your shopping bag), hit our virtual shelves and let Ostern24 and EiEiEi24 take you on a journey of savings and joy!

Happy Easter and happy shopping!


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