LEXON brings 2 tools for on the go that inspire us!


LEXON bringt 2 Tools für Unterwegs, die uns begeistern!

Whether it's speakers, alarm clocks or lamps, you can find all of these products in an electronics store. But there's one thing we've often missed on these shelves: products that are not only functional, but also look good. We've therefore chosen two great pieces from our range for you. True to the motto: technology that inspires.

About the Lexon Mino+

One of our bestsellers is this mini speaker from Lexon in its classic design. This small technological marvel is available in many colors and variants. Among others, there is the Mino + in various metallic, high-gloss and camouflage colors. For the more adventurous among you, a waterproof version is also available in our shop. Perfect for on the go or the next pool party. The reason we chose this 3-watt speaker for you is its special functionality. Despite its small size, two speakers can be connected wirelessly.

The Mino + speakers fit in any pocket and have loud and clear sound both individually and in stereo.


About the Lexon Flip+

As another classic of the brand, we would like to introduce you to the alarm clock series Flip+ The name could also come from the fact that you want to freak out because of the great design. However, the name comes from the fact that you can lay the alarm clock on its two sides. Once the alarm clock is set, you can turn the side to either turn the alarm on or off. Of course, the time is always shown the right way up and the writing on the top shows the current alarm status. For all travelers, we will also have a smaller version in our range in the future.

The stylish alarm clocks of Flip+ The series is available in classic glossy or with a rubber coating for a better grip.

After reading this article, are you already excited and would you like to have some technology that will inspire you? Great. Then take a look at our shop or click on the products presented in the article below.


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